What is the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise?

DJI’s latest Mavic lineup feature some quite impressive and unique drones including the Mavic 2 Enterprise and Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual. These drones are the latest iterations of DJIs efforts to bridge the gap between commercial and consumer drones. They feature a very similar user interface and look to the other Mavic drones but they come with some impressive new features.

Let’s start with the camera specs. The two versions of the enterprise are more or less the same aside from the camera. The Enterprise features a 2x optical zoom camera while the Dual sports a Radiometric FLIR Thermal Sensor in addition to a 4k sensor. The thermal camera comes with some neat features including modes for searching for people, seeking out fires, and spot temperature measurement.

In addition to the camera, new hardware is also integrated with an accessories mount. The top of the aircraft has a slot where several add ons can be placed including a spotlight, a speaker, and a beacon. The spotlight is a bright light pointing towards the front of the aircraft and can illuminate subjects ahead. The speaker can blast communications to ground teams and the beacon can illuminate the drone for FAA night flight compliance. The new drones also come with 24 GB of onboard storage and self heating batteries. DJI claims the drone can reach speeds of 45 mph and has a max flight time of 31 minutes.

DJI also made some major changes in the software. The new drones come with Occusync 2.0, an updated ground communication protocol and DJI Airsense to show real time manned aircraft traffic on the map. Some new commercial features also include a password lock for the drone, GPS position logging in addition to obstacle avoidance, smart flight features and the regular Mavic 2 additions. A new android app also accompanies the drone with the new features and a new interface. DJI FlightHub also supports full integration to track for managing drone operations.

Overall the Enterprise line are very impressive drones weighing in at just two pounds all while still having the ability to fold up. They do come at a pretty steep price tag of $1,999 and $2,699 for the Enterprise and Enterprise Dual respectively but ultimately there is nothing else on the market like it.

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