Learn to fly and use a drone

Flight Training

Time: 30 min minimum       Cost: $70 / hr

Learn to fly or use a drone. Whether you are new to drones or just need some more experience, we are here to help you learn how to use your drone to its fullest potential and provide one-on-one flight lessons. Each class is individually tailored to what you want to learn. We use a dual remote control system to let you fly safely while still getting hands on practice.


Setup your drone and learn how to use it


Learn laws and regulations


One-on-one flight training


Get supervised practice


Learn drone photography / videography techniques


Hardware and software walkthrough

How it Works

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Contact us to schedule a training. Times are flexible to your convenience.
Come in for our in person training to learn you way around a drone and practice flying.
Get in the air
Use your skills and fly with confidence.